Sunday, December 7, 2008

Over the top...

Fill a 6 ounce glass to the brim with water.
Carrying it your hand, walk a 100 yards with out spilling a drop.

This is focus.

This is a skill.

This exercise will help to quiet the Monkey mind and show how much a Monkey it is...

Try this early in the morning on Sunday when no one else is around on a foot ball field.
Then when you think you have mastered it:
Try it during the week morning when others are around running the track, power walking etc., etc., etc....(Yule Brenner, "King & I" respected ;-) )

Then try it when the high school foot ball team and band are practicing... well I guess you'd better do it then on the sidelines...

If you get really good at it, trying riding a bike - pick a safe area, or better, walk down the midway of a County or State fair, or through a flea market... you get the idea...

Build your focus ability; this is a trainable skill, like riding a bike, flying a plane or glider.
Focus is your laser to success. Ever focused the sun's rays through a magnifying glass and started a piece of paper a flame? Warmth vs power...

In New Mexico - I think is the location- is a massive solar collector -Ah yes, see one of the James bond Movies with this too, a tower on which is focused the sun from many reflective dishes, which is used to create electricity. These dishes track the sun all day - computer controlled to keep focus on two things at the same time - the tower and the dish.

Try this water-in-glass exercise with it filled over the top:
have you heard of a meniscus? It is caused by the surface tension of water.
Cooks know that the bottom of the meniscus needs to be at the 1/2 cup mark if that is the correct measurement of the fluid to be added in the recipe.

Surface tension is a property of water that a surfactant or a "soap" is added to break this tension so that your laundry for example will be cleaned better. It is actually the water that does the cleaning - not the soap...

Keep the tension here, over fill the glass, so the water is actually over the top, and still stays in the glass... just a little over.

Now try these exercises - let me know how it goes for you...
Your focus at work and play will become 'Over the top'

Cheery Day..

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