Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Focus can get boring to a restless mind...

Onions, garlic, fried foods, hot spices, erotic stories etc can inflame the passions and cause the mind to wander.

Over ripe foods, decaying foods, alcohol, fermented foods (except sauerkraut & and Apple cider vinegar -both raw and unpasteurized ) can make the mind sleepy. Same with over eating.

If these are all in relative balance - if you are a hard worker eat garlic, onions, tea, hot spices and develop an interest in
passionate endeavors. Maybe Polo or horse jumping, working out, running, sex with a spiritual twist... something that will focus the mind.

When one falls in love - you don't want to eat, you can only think of the beloved ~ right !  Such powerful focus this is...
In the 'Conscious Art of Loving' the Muir s describe a life full of love focused on each other.

Maybe you want to take up archery, or martial arts, chi gong, tai chi or baseball (with out drugs).

Golf is excellent as it is all about focus...

Perhaps you would enjoy the fine art of perfumery, or flower arraigning.

As you gain some mastery of your main goal, that you are on the journey of creating now, add some more interests

things that do just that keep your:

(this advise is not the same one living in retreat, meditating and not working - different instructions are needed here)

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