Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I don't know how... I know I do now...

Hi A fine day to view the moon & Venus = subconscious wealth....
see it tonight just after sunset to the west...

We have been sharing "Find a target...,make a plan, KIV, follow your plan."

A friend of mine Kathryn Perry has shared how she went from barely enough monthly income to 3 times what she needed...

This is a great plan
listen to her radio show interview
& read her whole story of success within -Self Reliance
in her newsletter.

HTML clipboardJanuary's Command: From Kathryn Perry

I don't know how I easily create an abundant life;
I only know I do now and I am fulfilled!

from Kathryn Perry:

HTML clipboardMany have asked what I did to go from a limited monthly income to 3 times that income the
very first month I launched out on my own. In addition to Commanding a new life
for myself, there was preparation, networking and business building skills I
developed that I 'd like to share with you now. Here are some of the high

  • While still working at my old
    job over the course of 18 months I promoted 3 classes for Asara Lovejoy.

  • Gave introduction talks in my
    area to promote Asara’s events that demonstrated The One Command
    process and charged for the events.

  • Promoted my services with a
    booth at three Holistic fairs.

  • Began building an email list. I
    started with about 300 names collected from the promotional events and

  • Set up a regular schedule for
    Commanding Wealth Circles
    which I held in my home.

  • Became a One Command

  • Offered 21 free 20 minute
    sessions to get my name known.

  • Posted the offer on a yahoo
    social networking group

  • Received over 100 responses and
    many clients as a result.

  • Met with clients weekly by phone
    or in person

  • Became certified to teach TWO

      (The One Command
      Practitioner’s Certification, and The One Day -The One Command. You can
      do the same!)

  • Paid for my training, hotel and
    airfare by PRE-SELLING the two classes that I taught.

  • Had a total of 24 sign ups for
    both of the classes at $395 per attendee - you do the math.

  • Set up a regular monthly
    rotation of classes.

  • Continued my weekly schedule for
    private sessions.

  • Sold phone sessions in small
    bundles that averaged $1 per minute then with a full roster raised my rates.

  • Explored the benefits of "meetup" and started my own group with 175 people immediately signing

OK, you can see how a solid plan was formed, each step was taken, and she has flourished all from within herself...

do read the rest of her story in her newsletter.

Polish your plan...
get some help...if you feel you need it..

Have a really great New Year - constructed by YOU !

Cherry Day

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