Monday, March 2, 2009

Play the Numbers...

Numbers have always fascinated people who like to play.
it might be counting till 10 or 100 to play hide and seek, or
#3 on the track of horses or dogs, or cars or football jerseys.
People like to play the numbers in cards from old made to Black Jack/

The new Tom Hanks movie about the document with all of the codes of dome in it will create a good stir.

Did you know your birth date and name contain all kinds of secretes to those who can read them about you? Did you know that many corporations pay $1000's of dollars to have their new hires checked out. did you know you can see if a person is honest or not?

Well they can and the secrete of numbers is called Numerology. It is an ancient science. Many today can read these; some better than others. There are classes world wide. Once gentleman named Jean-Pierre is especially adept at it and in teaching others the real secretes of how to use them. If you are reading this blog and listen to his interview on the Holistic Radio Show, then mention it you may receive a sizable discount in this Month on a personal or business reading.

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