Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is there Really Life After Death?

If there is, what is it really like 'over there?'

Well, actually, there are several ways to find this out:

1- Practice kabala to gain inner knowledge and you will 'Know' what is like...

2- Meditate on this question and you will get your answers in dreams, visions.

3- Ask the Angels for a Benevolent outcome and to tell you in some way what it
is like...

4- Ask a relative on the other side of life through a medium or one who can
speak with angles.

5- Ask one of the 1000's in the US
who have died on the operating table and have come back.

Of the NDE ers or Near Death Experiencers as they have been studied and named
by PhDs and others about 30 % of them remember their experience on the other

They come back to tell about it and receive various responses from

some are worshipped, some are stoned, condemned laughed at, most just go on
with their lives, some turn toward religion,

others run from it or change.

What on earth is going on here? how can such a few minutes of being 'out'
contribute to such a powerful change in so many?

Yogis have a history of being consulted for their knowledge when a King is
approaching his death. it is this fear of death that has motivated many
for millenniums to seek answers they find no time for during 'normal' life -
waking, sleeping, eating, making love, making more ....of things...

When the do turn towards inquiry it is often too late, as they have grown old,
their minds and bodies are dimmed by worn out parts - or so we believe. So, in
classical yoga there are very few who seek the Truth - the knowledge - the
light - and only a few of them find it.

so out of 100 NDEs 10 -30 people have an unusual experience.

Many slide along a tube into the 'light' to find radiant being who may be recognizable,
and may have things to say; the choice to return to their body may be given.

No matter what happens over 'there' one results seems to be most prevalent
according to Dr Jan Holden, PhD professor of Counseling at N TX U in Denton,
, in her interview me and Merrily Smith.

Love - an unbelievably powerful Love is experienced; so much so that when they
come back from the out of body experience, they make many changes to increase
the power of love in their environments, their families, etc.

Some given the choice to leave for good this 'life' behind want to move on, but
after review with the being of light, decide to stay....

never will consider suicide no matter how bad things get here, they know the
Love and are willing to stay and grow.

Many of the NDErs have 'psychic' experiences: they can see through walls,
listen to conversations out in the hallway, and more. Dr Jan has spoken
to & read 1000's of these folks.

It is so very encouraging to have the old yogic texts verified by common daily
experiences today.

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