Saturday, March 21, 2009

Law of Attraction + Law of Repulsion = stalled

Why the Law of Attraction fails to work... Have you tried it with out gaining what you wanted? Or attracted part of the perfect relationship but not all of it?

Was the guy that showed up, all you ever wanted except he just could make any money? Or he got fat?

Ok, many times we fail to ask for specifically what we want in enough detail to unconfuse the universe for what we want. - how many times have you looked at movie star or guy in a bar and emotionally said yea! that's what I want;
- yep, you have forgotten all about it;
- but you have confused the subconscious and the Universe;
- they have recorded all your wants- even from past lives - Teeheehee...

Well, lets say you get all that right. but inside you still feel unworthy of a guy who has it all including the money...Now what? You will sabotage yourself, do something stupid, like go out with his broke friend or...
you get the idea.

This is what happens, when call up the vision of the perfect guy, (example only), you also activate all the inner junk that has prevented you from having it thus far...

Say for example as a kid you knew a rich guy who abused you, because he now you inwardly may hate rich guys...

What to do? Well first off recognise that there is a problem that is preventing the Law of Attraction to function inside you. The Law of Attraction really does work - it just may not for you, right now, but, it will.
Just learn how to clear the blockages from point 'A' = where you are now;
to point 'B' where you want to be.
Next, realize that you always have point 'A',
but if you fail to have a point 'B',
you will cease to live, and start to decay process to die faster.

This is what happens to those who just give up.

You are not givening up? Great.

The best thing I can do then, to help you with this, is to refer you to a pro:
Rev. Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll. Her story illuminates her book on identifying the blockages with in you, and releasing them; freeing you to enjoy the full use of the Law of Attraction.

Listen to Jan's interview here:

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